IRS Audit Representation

Getting audited by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is an extremely common occurrence. Every year, millions of Americans misfile their taxes. Most people do this by accident, by misunderstanding a form or trusting the wrong tax preparer, but many others unfortunately do it on purpose.

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Audit representation is sometimes called “audit defence”. If you find yourself getting audited by the IRS, you can get help with IRS dealings from our certified tax professionals. Audit representation offers tax audit help in many forms. Usually, audit representation is a kind of tax debt resolution service who can help establish whether a mistake was made on your taxes in the first place.

From there, an audit representation specialist can help you prepare any necessary documents that you may need for your case, help determine a strategy to manage any debt you may have. In some cases, IRS audit representation can even deal directly with the IRS on your behalf by communicating with their representatives or attending meetings for you.

We Offer Expert Audit Representation

The right IRS audit representation can actually make the overall audit smaller in scope. The IRS has the right to look into taxes from previous years, or take a look at more aspects of your return than the specific part that flagged the attention of the IRS.

An IRS audit representative can help narrow the scope of the audit to protect your privacy, and make sure you aren’t being intimidated into consenting to more scrutiny than you have to be. IRS audit representation works to represent and advocate for you, you every step of your audit process.

Why Am I Being Audited By the IRS?

If you find yourself getting audited by the IRS, it’s because they looked at your return and calculated an approximate idea of what kind of deductions you qualify for. If the deductions you applied for differs greatly from the number they came up with, they see a problem and are more likely to audit you.

Tax law, like all law, is subject to interpretation. There is no such thing as a perfect tax return, and many people can convince the IRS that their deductions were in fact reasonable, if those people can enlist the help of the right IRS audit representation.

Mistakes Happen. Let us Help You With the IRS

The IRS conducts screenings of tax returns looking for obvious mistakes. If the number of deductions that you’ve applied for differs quite a bit from what they have approximated that you should be entitled to, you may get an audit.

The letter you received from the IRS will give you information about certain deductions that were disallowed, and other deductions that are being questioned and investigated further. If you feel like this is a mistake, or you’re worried about what an audit might mean for you or your business, you should contact legal counsel or a qualified tax specialist. We are happy to offer IRS audit representation.

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